I know its been a very long time since I posted. I hope to start posting more again. I have a few more poems to add. Well until we meet again. Goodnight world.

On The Edge

Standing on the edge of a crumbling cliff,

Sharp piercing winds making my hair whip,

Like snakes striking,

Forceful gales pushing my body towards the tiny ledge,

Cold tears sliding down icy cheeks,

Falling into the abyss beneath,

Pushing back with strength deep within my bones,

So not to fall,

Fighting until my bodies numb,

Wondering for a moment what would happen,

If I stopped pushing,

To let the relentless winds,

That mock me with their howling voices,

Take me like an autumn leaf,

Carrying me so quickly to the abyss beneath.

Written By: Christina Goerlitzer ©

My Serpent

Such unexpected poison,
Corrupting my soul,
Consuming it like no danger would befall me,
You enticed me with sexual pleasures,
Teasing me with affections,
I could not refuse you,
Part of your endless game,
Your denying me,
To keep me wrapped around your fingers,
Those same fingers you wrapped around my neck,
Squeezing tighter,
Choking the life from my frail state of mind,
Knowing just when to let your other side shine,
You were my serpent,
Whispering sweet lies,
Till I peeled the veil from my eyes,
Such agonizing pain was what made me realize,
You were an addiction,
Quitting you was my salvation.

Written By: Christina Goerlitzer ©

p.s. just to let everyone know I wrote it. I have just gone back to my maiden name. 🙂


What is this feeling?
Slowly flowing,
Between the cervices,
Inescapable vacuums,
Slithering into gaping wounds.
Daring with,
Its endless taunts,
To venture further,
Grasping to reality,
Before the consumption,
Of its sweet perfumes.
Written By: Christina Goerlitzer ©

Pictures Of Places I’ve Been #3

These photos were taken while driving through Death Valley, CA during sunset.

I know some of them are a bit dark, but I loved how the different shadows of the mountains and different colors looked. The sunset was beautiful that night, I should have pulled over to get a better clear shot. Oh well… Enjoy.